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Asbestos used to be a wonder material excessively used for the production of construction materials. Now, when negative health effects of asbestos are well known, people are seeking to remove hazardous material from homes, businesses, and institutions. Additionally, an asbestos survey is needed when a renovation or a demolition is planned, as harmful airborne particles from broken asbestos-containing materials may contaminate the entire surrounding area.      

Erie Environmental provides OSHA – and NESHAPS – compliant, AHERA-certified asbestos testing and removal services for residential and commercial buildings, industrial sites, municipalities, schools, and colleges. During removal, we make the asbestos abatement area fully contained and strictly follow all safety guidelines so that occupants do not even have to move out during asbestos removal.

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Asbestos abatement Process

asbestos testing

Asbestos Testing

If demolition is planned, asbestos removal experts need to test building materials throughout the building first. In the case of remodeling or renovation, only materials that are likely to be disturbed should be tested. Professionals will carefully cut samples of potentially asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and transport them in sealed plastic packets to a dedicated laboratory.

asbestos removal

Setting Up a Regulated Work Area

The abatement process should begin if asbestos has been detected. It begins with the containment of the working area. Experts will seal the area with thick plastic sheets and put appropriate warning signs. During asbestos removal, HVAC systems should be disabled to prevent asbestos particles from escaping into other areas of the building.

asbestos removal

Removal of Materials

Then, technicians remove asbestos-containing materials using hand tools, place them into asbestos disposal waste bags, and dispose of them following the regional guidelines. Technicians performing asbestos abatement should wear full-face mask respirator and abatement suits that are bagged and sealed after work and disposed of together with asbestos waste.

asbestos removal

Cleaning of the Site

When hazardous materials are removed, technicians clean all surfaces in the contained working area with wet wipes and remove any lingering asbestos particles from the air with the help of powerful HEPA vacuums.

Our company always performs final air testing to confirm the effectiveness of asbestos removal.

Erie Environmental can do all the necessary asbestos repairs replacing the removed materials with new safe alternatives.

Friable vs Non-Friable Asbestos

Friability refers to the tendency of asbestos-containing materials to break down, crumble and reduce to powder. Friability depends on the concentration of asbestos fibers in the material: high concentration makes materials more friable and, thus, more harmful to health. Aging and deterioration of the state of materials gradually make them more friable.

Friable Asbestos

Friable or ‘non-bonded’ asbestos can be easily damaged even by hand. The examples of it are insulation boards, pipe lagging, thermal insulation, sprayed coating. These materials contain more than 15% (in some cases 100%) of asbestos.  

Non-friable asbestos

Non-friable or ‘bonded’ asbestos is less likely to release dangerous fibers. Non-friable asbestos materials are solid, rigid and more resistant to damage and abrasion. The examples of non-friable asbestos include cement sheets, vinyl floor tiles, decorated coatings.   

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