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Mold, Asbestos, and Lead Removal, Radon Mitigation & Healthcare Cleaning in Akron, OH by Erie Environmental.

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Environmental Services In Akron

Unfortunately, asbestos, lead, mold, and radon are all quite common in Akron. If not remediated immediately, it can lead to health concerns. Erie Environmental specializes in lead removal, healthcare cleaning, mold removal, and remediation, and radon testing and removal. If you are in need of environmental services, call Erie Environmental today!

Asbestos Removal Akron

Asbestos has negative health effects for your home and family. Erie Environmental provides OSHA – and NESHAPS – compliant, AHERA-certified asbestos testing and removal services for residential and commercial buildings.

Healthcare Cleaning Akron

Erie Environmental provides complete sanitation and disinfection cleaning services for healthcare facilities in Akron. We follow all governmental agency standards – like OSHA, HIPPA, EPA, CDC, and AORN.

radon removal company

Radon Mitigation Akron

While naturally occurring, radon is invisible and potentially lethal if left untreated. Our long-term radon testing and radon removal in Akron accommodate for the rapidly fluctuating levels of radon. Talk to a trained professional today.

Mold Removal Akron

When you find mold, don’t delay! Mold is dangerous to the health and well-being of you and your family. Erie Environmental completes mold removal in Akron while complying with all regulations and best practices to protect you and our team.

Lead Removal Akron

Our Akron OH lead abatement services include lead testing and lead removal from all affected surfaces. Erie Environmental takes proper precautions to handle lead removal with care. We work with all insurance companies.

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Akron OH Environmental Resources

Name Website Phone Number
Akron Environmental Health Division https://www.akronohio.gov/cms/engineering/environmental/index.html (330) 375-2365
Ohio EPA https://www.epa.ohio.gov/ (614) 889-7150
Summit County Public Health https://www.scph.org/ (330) 923-4891
Summit County EMA https://co.summitoh.net/departments/Emergency-Management-Agency.html (330) 643-2558

About Akron OH

Akron is situated adjacent to the Cuyahoga River within Summit County, Ohio. Owing to its dynamic metropolitan environment and closeness to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the city constitutes an alluring destination for travelers, replete with a diverse cultural scene and abundant opportunities for outdoor excursions. Akron’s location, equidistant from Cleveland and Canton, makes it an optimal locale for individuals seeking to explore the region.

Brief History

Established in 1825, Akron derived its name from the Greek term “akros,” signifying “high point,” which alludes to its elevated geographical positioning. In the initial phase of its existence, the city underwent only moderate expansion, with a population of a mere 200 inhabitants by the middle of the 1830s. The strategic location of Akron along the Ohio and Erie Canal facilitated trade; however, it was not until the advent of the rubber industry in the late 19th century that the city experienced significant growth. By the close of the century, Akron had a population exceeding 27,000 and earned the moniker “Rubber Capital of the World.”

During the onset of the 20th century, Akron sustained its growth trajectory, featuring numerous rubber production facilities, in addition to a variety of churches, educational institutions, and financial establishments within the municipality’s boundaries. The burgeoning rubber sector lured laborers from across the nation, resulting in a heterogeneous populace. As the century advanced, Akron’s economy underwent diversification, extending into assorted sectors including polymer sciences and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

In the subsequent portion of the 20th century, Akron confronted economic tribulations stemming from the diminishing rubber sector. Nevertheless, the municipality exhibited resilience and underwent a metamorphosis, concentrating its efforts on research and development, healthcare, and academia. By 2000, Akron’s population surpassed 217,000 inhabitants, a considerable number of whom were engaged in these nascent industries or operated local enterprises within the city.

Situated equidistant from Cleveland and Canton, Akron has evolved into a flourishing epicenter of cultural, innovative, and recreational activities, drawing visitors on a perennial basis.

Things To Do In Akron

Akron is a vibrant city that attracts families from Ohio and beyond. With its bustling downtown district and easy access to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Akron offers something for everyone to enjoy.

akron art museum building

Akron Art Museum

Delve into the artistic world at the Akron Art Museum, a cherished institution that displays modern art and cultural expressions. Operated by a passionate group of art aficionados, the museum boasts an eclectic assortment of creations by artists from local, national, and global backgrounds. This vibrant venue offers a range of rotating exhibitions, exclusive events, and informative programs, providing guests with a stimulating encounter in the core of Akron’s downtown area.

ice skaters in lock 3 park akron ohio

Lock 3 Park

Located in downtown Akron, Lock 3 Park is a unique urban green space that celebrates the city’s history along the Ohio and Erie Canal. The park features an amphitheater, a beautiful canal-inspired water feature, and historical displays. Lock 3 is a popular gathering spot for families and friends, offering seasonal events such as summer concerts, food festivals, and winter ice-skating.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Step back in time and explore the grandeur of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, a historic Tudor Revival mansion built in 1915 for F.A. Seiberling, co-founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The meticulously preserved estate showcases the elegance of a bygone era, complete with original furnishings, artworks, and expansive gardens. Open to the public from April through December, visitors can embark on guided tours, attend special events, or simply roam the beautifully landscaped grounds.