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Lead paint dates back to Colonial times, builders began adding the pigments to the paint to create a more durable solution. This continued until the mid-1900s until healthcare professionals discovered the extremely toxic properties of lead. Health officials then began linking unexplained brain and internal organ damage to lead exposure. By the late 1970s, lead paints were completely banned, however, buildings built before 1978 may still contain lead. If your property was built prior to 1978, and you suspect there are traces of lead in the paint, we suggest hiring a professional lead removal company to test for lead, then remove all affected surfaces. Erie Environmental is a full-service lead abatement and removal company with years of experience in the field. If you suspect lead in your home, call Erie Environmental today!

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Our Lead Removal Process

Nearly all homes that were built before 1950 contain lead paint, whether it is on the walls, baseboards, windowsills or throughout the entire home. However, homes built between 1951-1978 may not contain traces of lead, so a test should be conducted to verify if the home is contaminated, or clean. To test, we suggest seeking a professional lead testing company. If the results are positive, we will begin the lead removal process. 

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If the property tested positively for lead, we will begin the lead removal process with a containment set up. To being, we will remove all furniture and rugs from the area to ensure the fibers are not exposed to any lead dust. Next, we will place plastic sheets over the floors and will seal all edges to eliminate the risk of exposure. We will also seal any openings to the rest of the home. Finally, the technicians will turn off the HVAC system to prevent any lost dust from contaminating the rest of the property. Our lead technicians will put on all of the appropriate safety gear prior to begging the removal process, this will include half respiratory masks, safety glasses or goggles disposable suits, gloves, and shoe coverings.

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Wet Removal Method

Once the containment is set up, the team will use a spray bottle full of water to dampen the affected surfaces. Using a wet method for removal will significantly reduce the amount of lead dust flying around as the paint is removed. Once the surfaces are damp, the lead removal technicians will begin scraping and chipping away, wiping off the wet gooey lead paint as they go.

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Wet Sanding

After scrapping the area, the technician will use a sanding sponge to remove any paint from hard to reach places, like the trim on windows, or baseboards. The technicians will continue to remove the paint until all traces of chipped paint are removed from the surface.

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Cleaning Up

Once the technical are finished scrapping and sanding the affected areas, they will use an industrial HEPA vacuum to thoroughly vacuum the area. The vacuum will collect as much debris and lead dust as possible. After nearly all of the dust and debris is removed using the vacuum, the technicians will begin to remove the plastic sheets covering the floorings, doorways, and other openings in the room. They will fold the plastic inward to ensure no remaining lead chips escape. We will then use the proper protocols to dispose of contaminated plastic and protective clothing.

 Dangers of Lead Poisoning 

Lead is an extremely toxic, heavy, and durable metal that was used in paint up until the late 1970s. Homeowners and contractors began adding lead to paint to create a more durable solution that could withstand age and natural elements. If the lead paint is undisturbed and is not chipping, it is completely harmless and does not pose any immediate health threats. However, as the paint ages, more often than not it will also begin to chip and deteriorate, causing lead dust to enter the air and contaminate the entire property. Lead poising is most commonly attributed to long term exposure, even at low levels, the exposure can be harmful to both children and adults. However, many people do not show any symptoms of the exposure until the lead poising has reached a concerning point. The rate of excretion for lead is extremely slow, so the longer a person is exposed to the toxic fiber the worse the condition will become.

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning In Children

Weight Loss

Lack of Appetite


Difficulty Learning



Weight Loss

Abdominal Pain

Loss of Hearing

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning In Adults

High Blood Pressure

Difficulty Concentrating

Low Sperm Count

Body Aches


Miscarriages or Stillbirths

Loss of Memory

Abdominal Pain

Premature Births