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Professional Asbestos Removal in Toledo OH

Asbestos was once used for the production of construction materials, but over the last several decades, the negative health effects of asbestos have been exposed. As a result, people are seeking to remove hazardous material from homes, businesses, and institutions. Erie Environmental provides OSHA – and NESHAPS – compliant, AHERA-certified asbestos removal Toledo services for residential and commercial buildings, industrial sites, municipalities, schools, and colleges. 

Asbestos Hazards In Toledo OH

Erie Environmental is a professional asbestos abatement company that is able to identify many common types of asbestos materials in the Toledo Ohio area. Here, it is most common to find asbestos in the following: 


Asbestos Floor Tiles - 9x9" or 12x12" - and Mastic


Asbestos Pipe Insulation


Asbestos Seam Tape on Ductwork


Vermiculite Attic Insulation


Transite Siding


Transite Shingles

Asbestos Abatement Toledo Process

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Asbestos Testing Toledo

Due to the common use of asbestos in construction materials, if you are planning to demolish any property, asbestos removal experts need to test building materials throughout the building first to ensure no hazardous materials are released into the air. In the case of remodeling or renovation, only materials that are likely to be disturbed should be tested.

Erie Environmental offers asbestos testing Toledo. Our technicians will remove specific samples of potentially asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and transport them in sealed plastic packets to a dedicated laboratory.

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If asbestos is detected from our testing, we will begin the asbestos abatement Toledo process, starting with establishing a containment zone around the affected area, while sealing off any HVAC vents to ensure no hazardous materials can spread. Our team of asbestos abatement Toledo technicians will seal the area with thick plastic sheets and display appropriate warning signs.

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Asbestos Removal Toledo

Once the work area has been established and protected, our technicians will work to remove asbestos-containing materials using hand tools, then place the damaged materials into properly marked asbestos disposal waste bags, and dispose of them following the most recently recommended guidelines. Throughout the entire asbestos removal process, our asbestos abatement Toledo technicians will wear full-face mask respirator and abatement suits that are bagged and sealed after work and disposed of together with asbestos waste.

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Once all of the hazardous materials have been removed, our technicians will go through and clean every surfaces in the contained working area to remove any lingering asbestos particles, then following up with a powerful HEPA vacuum to address any airborne particles. To ensure the job has been a success, we will test the air for asbestos before removing the containment barriers.

Erie Environmental can do all the necessary asbestos repairs replacing the removed materials with new safe alternatives.

Why Choose Erie Environmental For Asbestos Removal Toledo Services

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Safety guaranteed

Every member of our team works in strict accordance with health and safety regulations.


Licensed & Insured

Each technician is certified under applicable asbestos removal training, and proper insurance.

cleaning & Repairs

Services include thorough cleaning of the abatement site, proper disposal of materials, and repairs.