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    Mold grows colonies in just 24 hours spreading to other areas in your building. Act now! 

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    Crawl space mold restoration involves disposing of mold-affected materials. 

    crawl space mold removal

    Your Local Mold Remediation Company

    Have you inspected your crawl space recently? Many homeowners with crawl spaces will neglect the space, forgetting about the damages they may lie below the home. In other cases, homeowners with crawl spaces will notice musty or mold odors coming from the space, but will not know what to do or who to call for the damages. 

    Erie Environmental is a professional mold testing and remediation company with years of experience. We specialize in crawl space mold removal, using the industry’s best practices and equipment. We strive to completely remove mold from your crawl spaces and restore your home’s air quality. To ensure that we have completely removed the mold, we will provide an inspection and test from an industrial hygienist prior to clearing the property as safe.

    Causes Of Crawl Space Mold

    Foundation Vents. Many crawl spaces in Port Clinton, Sandusky, and surrounding areas have foundation vents. These vents were originally designed to prevent excess moisture in the space, but recent studies have shown that the vents actually create moisture buildup. Some vents also have ventilation systems, but these also often malfunction and lock moisture in the crawl space.


    Outside Humidity. The crawl space is susceptible to water intusions on rainy, or particularly humid days. The water can enter the crawl space in various different ways, such as an improperly placed downspout. If the downspout is not clearly pointing away from the home, water will pool or buildup around the foundation, and seep into the crawl space. Additionally, if the groundwater has risen, the crawl space will experience excess moisture. Any amount of water in the crawl space can quickly lead to a mold infestation.


    Pipe Leak. More often than not, a pipe will leak or burst and the water will flow into the crawl space. Because homeowners do not constantly check to the crawl space, the damages could remain unnoticed for week to months after the initial damages.

    Our Crawl Space Mold Remediation Process

    crawl space mold inspection

    Initial Assessment Of The Damages 

    Once we receive your emergency mold removal call, we will send a team of IICRC approved mold removal technicians to your property. Upon arrival, the technicians will conduct an initial assessment of the damages within the crawl space. During this assessment, the team will also identify the source of moisture and create a plan to end the source of water. During the assessment, the technicians will also set up containment to reduce the spread of mold spores.

    crawl space mold cleaning


    Our technicians will spray a cleaning solution onto the mold. The solution will loosen the mold residue from the surface, then the team will scrape the mold from all affected surfaces. If any insulation or pieces of the structure are damaged beneath the surface, they will need to be removed.


    After the mold has been removed, we will sanitize all affected areas with a specialized disinfecting agent. Our commercial solutions are the most effective cleaners and mold stain removers. The team will also remove any remaining residue during this step. 

    crawl space contents disposal

    Dispose & Restoration

    After the mold and all affected materials have been removed, the team will dispose of the contaminates in airtight bags. The technicians will also set up air scrubbers to remove excess mold spores from the air. The team will also restore all removed, affected items.

    Final Inspection

    After we finished removing all traces of mold from the crawl space and remediated we will send a third party professional inspector to your property to test for any remaining mold. This step will ensure that all mold has been removed from the property. At this point, we can also perform crawl space encapsulation services.

    Hire A Professional

    Crawl space mold removal and remediation can be a long and daunting task for the average homeowner. If the damages are not properly remediated, the mold will come back and continue to infect the space and the indoor air quality of the home. Erie Environmental is a professional mold removal remediation company with the skills to remove all mold from crawl spaces and restore the air quality of your home. We use the industry’s best cleaning and restoration methods and equipment to remove all traces of mold. All of our technicians are IICRC Certified and have the skills to remove mold spores from the affected areas and ensure the spores do not spread to other areas of the home. We also have the skills to remediate any water damages that may be causing the mold in your crawl space. Call Erie Environmental today and set up a professional mold inspection!