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Comprehensive Radon Testing In Toledo OH

 Radon is found in most homes in the United States. It is a a naturally occurring invisible radioactive gas that can cause significant health issues if left unaddressed. Professional radon testing Toledo can help identify these levels and help you keep your home or business safe.

At Erie Environmental, we provide OSHA – and NESHAPS – compliant, AHERA-certified radon testing Toledo and radon mitigation services in Toledo and the surrounding areas.

Why Professional Radon Testing toledo is Important

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Radon Testing Vs. Professional Radon Testing

When you start learning about radon testing Toledo, it may be enticing to buy a DIY radon testing kit from your local hardware store, but these radon test results can be wildly inaccurate and may leave you with a false sense of safety.

Generally the issue with these tests is that they are both short term tests which are less accurate than long term, and the placement of the test can skew the results.

Professional radon testing Toledo Ohio is the best way to know for sure if your property has elevated levels of radon.


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Testing the correct area for the right amount of time

Placement, as we mentioned above, can make a huge difference in the test results. Many DIY tests will tell you to place the test at the lowest point in your home, though depending on the layout of your property this may result in inaccurate readings.

Short Term Vs. Long Term Radon Tests

When it comes to radon tests, the label ‘short term’ is given to test that take measurements up to 90 days, and ‘long term’ takes measurements for more than 90 days. Due to the fluctuating nature of radon gas levels, the longer the reading, the more accurate the test will be. A local radon service professional can recommend the most appropriate test for your home.


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what happens after radon testing

When the test is complete, we will analyze the results. If we find that your property has elevated levels of radon, we will immediately begin evaluating the situation and provide you with an accurate quote for our radon mitigation services. To determine this quote, we will formulate a mitigation plan to remove the radon and restore your property to a safe state.

Radon Gas Symptoms

Radon levels can only be accurately identified using specialized tests, but because exposure to radon impacts your health, it can be helpful to know what symptoms are caused by radon exposure. The most common radon gas symptioms include:

  • chest pain, especially when you cough or laugh
  • frequent infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia
  • persistent cough
  • coughing up blood
  • wheezing
  • shortness of breath
  • hoarseness

If you have any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with a doctor and get your home or business tested for radon as soon as possible. 


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