Find Mold In Your Bathroom

 I'll bet you know the most likely place to SEE mold in your home is the bathroom. 

Most of us see mold in the grout lines of the tiles or crevasses clean it and think our bathrooms are free of mold, but did you know the mold you can't see in your bathroom may be more harmful?  

Many bathrooms, especially 10 years or older, have hidden mold caused by years of build up from sweaty pipes or small interior wall leaks that can't be seen.  

Have you every thought you could smell something damp but never could find something damp? Well it may be in your walls where you cannot see it but it is there!

Places To Look For Mold

  • Above shower area
  • Tile & grout line
  • Ceiling
  • Inside cabinets
  • Around windows
  • Inside wall cavities and flooring around any piping or shower or tub unit