Finding Mold In Your Kitchen


We all know that where there is moisture you are more than likely to have mold, even just a little.

In the kitchen you have potential for mold anywhere moisture is present and temperatures may vary significantly.

As an example: Many homes have garbage disposals that are used quite frequently. Moisture is used to lubricate and the blades turning at a high rate of speed creates friction and heat. What's next, the unit sits to never dry out and mold begins to build.

As well, just like in bathrooms, pipes in walls can generate and help build mold that cannot be seen and many times never found.

  • Inside wall cavities and flooring around any piping or sink, dishwasher.
  • Behind fridge especially if a water line leak has occurred
  • Inside cabinets below sink. (Just take a look at the backside of the cabinet door, do you see white splotches? Those are mold spores starting to grow!)