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Erie Environmental’s services include  radon testing and radon removal throughout Port Clinton, OH.

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Radon Removal Port Clinton, OH

The invisible, colorless, tasteless, and odorless nature of radon makes it especially dangerous. Because the radioactive gas is undetectable without proper testing, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., even affecting non-smokers.

While radon is naturally formed and occurs when uranium breaks down and enters air or groundwater, problems arise when it permeates your home. For this reason, Erie Environmental is the radon removal Port Clinton OH company you can trust.

How Can I Tell if There is Radon in My Home?

Radon seeps into homes from the ground through holes or cracks in the foundation. Because radon is dangerous and invisible, it is wise to test for the gas. As levels fluctuate over time, longterm testing is essential. Erie Environmental provides OSHA – and NESHAPS – compliant, AHERA-certified radon testing and removal services. Contact us today for help with residential and commercial buildings, industrial sites, municipalities, schools, and colleges. We fully contain radon and adhere to all safety guidelines during the abatement phase.

Radon Removal Port Clinton OH Steps

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First, we will take an initial radon reading using professional radon testing tools for an accurate measurement. As a licensed radon removal Port Clinton OH company, we periodically monitor radon levels throughout the entire process.

For radon test results higher than 4 pCi/L, Erie Environmental recommends following the EPA’s guidance of seeking out professional radon removal Port Clinton OH services. 

Radon Abatement

age of your home and Soil Type Are factors

Buildings and homes built prior to the 1970s are especially susceptible to having radon trapped inside due to less than ideal practices and materials.  

Furthermore, the soil on which your home sits plays a large role in determining whether you have excess radon lurking around or not. Compared to gravel, which allows decent airflow, wet sand and other ground particles can prevent airflow, thereby trapping radon. 

Radon mitigation

Planning and Laying Pipes: The Radon Mitigation System

Radon mitigation, or abatement, requires installing pipes to expel the gas from the ground through the roof of the dwelling.  Erie Environmental’s radon removal experts ensure that the pipe is far from common living areas and a minimum of 10 feet from windows. These pipes comprise the radon mitigation system and effectively reduce radon concentration in the air.

Radon Mitigation

Thorough testing

Our experts frequently test the radon removal system to ensure it creates the necessary pressure to remove radon. Additionally, Erie Environmental offers longterm radon testing to ensure that the radon levels stay low after the radon mitigation. 

Port Clinton, Ohio

Port Clinton sits on Lake Erie in Ottawa County, Ohio. This great destination offers natural wildlife preserves, swimming, windsurfing, and other aquatic activities. The convenient geographic location of Port Clinton provides easy access to Cleveland and Toledo, so this is a perfect family vacation spot! For these reasons, Erie Environmental is proud to be your radon removal Port Clinton OH company.

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