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For decades, asbestos was used in a long list of construction materials. During the 1970s, we started to learn more about the health impacts of prolonged exposure to asbestos. With this knowledge, we began removing these hazardous materials from homes, businesses, and institutions. Erie Environmental offers OSHA – and NESHAPS – compliant, AHERA-certified expert asbestos removal in Cleveland OH. We are your trusted asbestos abatement company in Cleveland OH and surrounding areas.

Common Asbestos Hazards
In Cleveland OH

As a professional asbestos abatement company, Erie Environmental has the experience and equipment needed to quickly identify many common types of asbestos materials in the Cleveland Ohio area. While some asbestos-containing materials are obvious, others will require more intensive inspection that is best lef to the experts. Here, it is most common to find asbestos in the following:


Asbestos Floor Tiles - 9x9" or 12x12" - and Mastic


Asbestos Pipe Insulation


Asbestos Seam Tape on Ductwork


Vermiculite Attic Insulation


Transite Siding


Transite Shingles

Asbestos Abatement Cleveland Process

asbestos testing

Asbestos Testing Cleveland

At Erie Environmental, our asbestos testing services will start with our technicians taking samples of potentially asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). We will then send those samples to a trusted laboratory for testing.

asbestos abatement company


After we have tested the samples, if any asbestos-containing materials are detected our team will begin working on an abatement plan. Our first priority in the abatement process is to establish up a regulated work area around the asbestos contaminated area. Because asbestos travel through the air, it’s important to seal off any HVAC vents to prevent hazardous materials from spreading.

Our team of asbestos abatement technicians will utilize plastic sheeting to form the containment zone, displaying the required warning signs.

asbestos materials removal


Once we are done setting up a regulated work area, our asbestos abatement technicians will begin the process of identifying and removing any asbestos-containing materials from your Cleveland OH property.  The focus of our removal process is to safely remove the materials without disturbing the asbestos too much. Our team will then place the contaminated materials into properly marked asbestos disposal waste bags, and dispose of the materials following the most recently recommended guidelines. During the asbestos removal Cleveland process, our team will wear full-face mask respirators and abatement suits that will be disposed of together with asbestos waste after the job is done.

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After our technicians have removed and disposed of the asbestos-contaminated materials, we will shift our focus to cleaning each surface within the regulated working area. To remove any remaining asbestos particles in the area, our team will utilize a powerful HEPA vacuum to filter out any airborne particles.

We will then take an air test to ensure no asbestos is present in the previously contaminated area. With clean results on the test, we can begin making any necessary repairs. Erie Environmental is a licensed general contractor, capable of making all asbestos repairs no matter the size or scope of the repair.

Why Choose Erie Environmental For Asbestos Removal CLEVELAND Services

safe asbestos handling

Safety guaranteed

Every member of our team works in strict accordance with health and safety regulations.


Licensed & Insured

Each technician is certified under applicable asbestos removal training, and proper insurance.

cleaning & Repairs

Services include thorough cleaning of the abatement site, proper disposal of materials, and repairs.